Pet-mould is a professional Injection Mold Factory

pet-mould is a professional architect in designing and bearing Packing Mould and Commodity Mould & Precision Mould.Packing Mould(Plastic Cap Cast for water, cosmetic, alcohol and others, Thin Wall Mould,Extrusion Draft mould,and PET Draft Mould etc);Commodity Mould(Crate Mould, Pail Mould,Home Appliance mould,other mould,etc); Precision Mould: All field。90% of our moulds are exported to added than 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia, India etc.;

Injection Mold is acclimated for the Accumulation of alveolate altar in ample quantities. The capital applications are bottles, jars and added containers. The Bang draft moulding action produces bottles of aloft beheld and dimensional superior compared to banishment draft moulding. The action is ideal for both attenuated and wide-mouthed containers and produces them absolutely accomplished with no flash.

"Keep superior with acceptable seivice" is pet-mould’s affiance to anniversary chump and aswell is our abiding principle!

pet-mould looks advanced to allied with you.

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