Addons Sharing and Recommendation in WoW Classic

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During the game of WoW Classic, many players will be assisted by addons. More convenient, so next, I will introduce you which addons is easy to use to WoW Classic, as well as plug-in sharing and recommendation, and wow classic gold is usually also a very important part of the game.


This is a dialog box that can turn your conversation with the NPC into a dynamic avatar and dialog box for the Legion version.


This is made by a warrior player named shiku. It is a quest guide and strategy. It starts from Shining Golden Town and reaches level 60 for players. This plug-in is only available to the Alliance (Horde Wrath)


This small plug-in for optimizing the UI will display various IDs when hovering the mouse, including spells, tasks, achievements, etc. It can be used in both Classic and formal servers.

4.Classic Guide

The special task guide plug-in for Classic is very suitable for novices.


Special for Classic, mainly useful for spell classes, and can display the casting bar for seconds and location.

If players want to install the plug-in, first go to the major download plug-in website to download, then find their own World of Warcraft installation location, find the World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns folder, and then put the downloaded plug-in into it.

Regarding the plug-ins of World of Warcraft, generally speaking, each new version of the game will correspond to a set of plug-ins. That is to say, after the game is updated, most of the plug-ins of the previous version will be invalid, and the new plug-ins need to be replaced, so It's also a nuisance. The use of plug-ins is officially allowed by Blizzard, not a plug-in, so players do not need to worry.

So the above is to introduce you to the World of Warcraft Classic service plug-in which is easy to use, as well as plug-in sharing and recommendation. In fact, the main function of the plug-in is to beautify the UI and interaction, and facilitate the game process, without bringing a balance change, then to buy world of warcraft classic gold and finally enjoy it in the game!