I have not attempted to do more than a few inventories

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I'll be using RuneScape 2107 gold anyones open guilded altars to the official forums for 13 hours each day, how many dragon bones would I be able to do? I hope at least 1k. Do I want two marentill herbs and a tinderbox each excursion? When I'm at the guilded altar do I use the marentill herbs together with the burners then the tinderbox? After the burners are around do I utilize the bones onto the altar 1 and then bury, do I just use them once and bury or do I simply use these on the altar?

You'll quickly be able to perform 1k, I have not attempted to do more than a few inventories at a time with mine so I cant tell you exactly how long 1k would shoot, but I anticipate no more than a couple hours. You need 2 marrentil and one tinderbox when the burners aren't lit - however when the altar is busy you will often find the burners will stil be lit out of the previous visitor. Look for smoke rising in the burners. If you do not find any, simply click on the burner to light it. This will use up 1 marrentil. Click the other burner to light it as well, using the other marrentil. Once the burners are on, use the bones with the altar, one by one (use, not stink!) . You will see a small animation of the bone disappearing and receive a message stating"the gods are extremely pleased" so you know you have done it right.

I am training my Attack and Defence levels from both 60 to the two of them 70. Now I;m hoping to work out whats faster. Training using their respective attacking options. I.e. train Attack with Accurate and Defence with Defensive. Or will it be quicker training both of these with the Controlled Choice? Additionally in case the Controlled Option is faster then what weapon should I be using? I am F2P for now. Strike: 60 to 70. Power: t level up from 70. Training with the Controlled Choice (train all at once) provides me these Stats: Hit Points: 65 to 72. Attack: 60 to 70. Defence: 60 to 70. So whats the greater training method? Single Skills buy OSRS gold (One at a time) or Controlled (Train everything). The total plan is to quit instruction Attack and Defence they hit 70 and then train Power and eventually become a Barrows Pure.