World of Warcraft TBC Quest Level Fastest Route

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Today we are bringing you a guide for the fastest route to TBC Classic Power Leveling quest in World of Warcraft. The fastest way for your friends to reach the full level in 60 hours.

Hellfire Peninsula

First do the task of "Arriving in Outland", and then go to Falcon Outpost/Tahamat Temple to buy a bandage book. Get the task as soon as possible to go to the copy of Hellfire City Wall, and come out to the prestige friendly. Go to the dungeon of the blood furnace until respect, and then come out to the 5-man team to do various tasks. After all the tasks are completed, the reputation can basically reach more than half of the respect. Wait until 70 to do a few times in the Broken Hall to get the hero copy key.

Zanga swamp

The completion of the first step is almost 62.5 or so. When you arrive at Zangar Marsh, take a few quests from Cenarion Sanctuary, and you can go directly to the spore forest on the west side of the map to reward hunting.

Go to the farm giant and do a few tasks started by the mushroom man. Until the mushroom people have a neutral reputation. Then I went to pick up the "Since we are friends..." and kill the naga until the mushroom man's reputation reaches respect. After receiving 2 quests in the Dark Swamp, you can directly enter the slave fence and the dungeon of the Dark Swamp, until the expeditionary army's reputation is above respect, come out to do other tasks and then hand it over. At this time, you can basically reach 2/3 of the respected reputation. After 70, do the steam vault twice to ensure that you can get the hero copy key.

Terokkar Forest

There are basically 64 quests starting here, and you can complete the quest of Cenarion Grove first. Go to Stonebreaker/Alleria Fortress, you can do a circle of missions around the Bone Wilderness. After you have the first step of the mana tomb, you can go directly to the mana tomb to make a copy, and then go to the Auchenai Crypt or complete the surrounding 65 The following tasks. Of course, you can keep the mission to rush to Shatar's reputation (for the key to the storm fortress, but it is not recommended to keep the dungeons there for the full reputation) until everyone is 65 and received, go to the southwest of the map The task of hitting the fat man can go to Nagrand in the future.


Since the 5-person team element series and animal hunting tasks can be completed quickly, according to the fat man task and 2 wanted orders received in the Terokkar Forest, and the Juggernaut series, the coordination is very fast, experience There are also many. After the basic main task is done, the tasks above LV68 can be handed in slowly. By the way, if you are above 65, you can team up to do the mission of the blood arena, and the equipment is very good.

Basically completed here plus the previous farm tasks can reach 67 or so. At this time, you can go to the Cave of Time dungeon. At around 68, the Sethekk Hall in Auchindoun received the Shadow Labyrinth key by the way, and raised the reputation of the slums to respect, up to 70. The well-equipped team 69 can go to the Shadow Labyrinth to try, and those who are not confident in themselves can go directly to the Voidstorm.


Not much to say, mainly for the main line of Storm Fortress, it is best to keep the task of fighting between the Ethereal Spirits.

LV67 can take the prelude task of Karazhan. Go to Dalaran, go back to Shattrath City to the Shadow Labyrinth, the Arcatraz and the Steam Vault, so that you can basically complete Karazhan's key.

The advantage of this upgrade method is that generally, even if you have task experience (those who have participated in the test server to 70), the maximum experience available for an hour task is 140k, and as long as you are familiar with the copy, it is basically 250K- 300K an hour, the efficiency is much higher than doing tasks... and you can basically complete the keys that require respect and prestige, and there are 2.5 maps left to prepare for the horrible 6000G flying mount cost, wait for time to slow down Do it slowly. And it can be stationed in Karazhan for the first time. If the prestige of each map is not up to the respect, then the keys are all there, and the new generation of endless RAID begins again.

It usually takes about 60 hours from 60-70, and 1-70 as long as there is a potion, equipment and a person to bring it for a week. If you think the upgrade speed is too slow, you can buy cheap TBC Classic Boosting directly on the z2u website.