How to know which firms are ISO 27001 certified

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ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia You have an important project to develop, and you need to hire some external partner, e.g., a SaaS company, to make it to the end. You’ve determined information security to be one of the top-priority criteria that should be fulfilled when deciding which vendor to select for your screening process. In this case, one of your requirements might be certification with the leading information security standard ISO 27001 in Saudi Arabia, but how do you know if the company on the other side of the process is actually ISO 27001 Services in Saudi Arabia and, just as importantly, how do you know that this certification is issued by an accredited certification body? Find out in this article.

Request the certification from the vendor

ISO 27001 consultant in Saudi Arabia Most companies that are certified will advertise this on their website and in their product/service documentation. This information alone isn’t enough, though. You need to verify a few essential factors of this certification, so the first step is to request this certification from the vendor.

Essential information on the certificate

ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai Every certification body has its layout and format of the certificates they issue, but there are a couple of key pieces of information on every certificate. ISO 27001 Services in Dubai I chose the order below not based on how it is reflected on the certificates, but on how much time and effort it will take to verify. After all, there is no reason to verify every aspect only to find out the certificate expired a long time ago.

Relevance and usage

Now you know the key aspects to check on a certificate, but what is the relevance of this information, and how can you use it to ensure validity? The first point is obvious, but I didn’t want to omit this step. Your requirement is ISO 27001 certification in Dubai, so ensure that you did receive an ISO 27001 certificate. It could happen that the filename accidentally contains ISO 27001, although the content is for a different ISO scheme. The expiration date, or “valid between” date, shows how long the certification is valid. If this date is expired, it raises a flag and should be verified before continuing to invest time in your verification process. The company name and, especially, the address, are a key part to verify. Certification is location-specific and does not apply to other locations of the vendor. When a vendor relocates the certificate, it is not automatically valid for the new location. To verify that the services or products your company will receive are delivered by, or manufactured at, that specific address. Every ISO 27001 consultant in Dubai contains the scope of the ISMS. Verify if the documented scope covers your requirements, i.e., that the services or products delivered by the vendor are within the scope of the ISMS. Now that you have verified that the ISMS and certification are within expectations, you should verify the certificate with the certification body. On the website of the certification body, you can usually find an online tool or a list with all issued certificates. Use the certificate number to search using the tool/website of the certification body (see the previous step).

After you verified the certificate was indeed issued by the certification body, and it is still active, you should check if the certification body is accredited by an accreditation body. The accreditation body is listed on the certificate. Every country has its own accreditation body and maintains a list with accredited certification bodies (we will come to this in the next section). Now that you’ve verified the certificate is issued by an accredited certification body, and that all other aspects were also in order, you might have reconsidered your list of vendors already. However, the last check might be the most important one: assessing the SoA (Statement of Applicability). This document will show you which of the 114 security controls in ISO 27001 in Saudi Arabia A, and possibly additional controls, are selected (applicable) and how they are implemented. At this stage, you will be able to fully ascertain if the vendor is aligned with your security requirements. For more information on the importance of the SoA, read the article The importance of Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001 in Saudi Arabia.


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