How can POE players produce monsters quickly?

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Harvest is a new league released by GGG last month to replace the Delirium league. In such a severe external environment, players do not want to spend a lot of attention on the game. It just so happens that Harvest, which relaxed and leisurely, came into being, bringing players a chance to relax. Players can plant seeds in the new league and kill monsters produced from the seeds to collect various rare items and vitality. Many improved weapons have added to the game, and they have introduced many additional features. Therefore, players’ demand for POE Currency has reached a climax again.

Unknown players taking part in the game need to know what steps to take to plant monsters. From collecting seed caches to planting seeds to kill monsters to get loot are all the steps they have to do. Throughout the sowing process, various props can increase the sowing efficiency of collectors and diffusers. Some advanced seeds have more demanding conditions to survive. But don’t worry. The player places an irrigation hose between the collector and the sprinkler to sprout.

Since the POE game team has added many patches to the game, the probability of players getting more advanced seeds has increased. What players know is that the level of monsters is directly proportional to how hard they fight. To plant level 4 seeds, you need to plant level 3 seeds around it. Once you have eight fully mature crops with exactly the same color, you can harvest them. Three layers of 4 seeds are wild prickly fruit, vivid scales and primitive blister fruit. Defeating monsters from level 4 seeds in the garden will allow you to grow Heart of Grove. She does not need irrigation, but she needs 100 maps. If you cannot defeat it, it will reappear after you harvest enough monsters.

Players eager to join POE Harvest can act now. It is the priority for them is to Buy Exalted Orb and POE Items. With the help of these items, players’ game journey will definitely become smoother. No one can refuse the charm that Harvest exudes. Let us look forward to the next interesting content that the game team will continue to provide.