All these guilds came to dominate

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What's funny is that their war didn't even do anything they meant it to be for wow classic gold. They essentially nutted on WOW Classicr daddy's of this server they world. Transfers come out and about 500 of those gamer dad's are sick of queues so that they transfer which snowballs, and being camped, the horde guilds start leaving one and the writing is on the walls. My guild surfaced because play with a faction that was lifeless. Incendius was chosen by me day 1 not for queues and lag. And not to neckbeard.

That's the biggest laugh of the all. All these guilds came to dominate. Every one understands the horde on incendius are definitely the horde in North America. They did their research prior in our discord. Alliance took the world back prior to the transfers. Tribe was a guild that is shit. Atlas raid logged. Clique was a pve guild. Yang gang broke off by the horde and went raid logging after being poisonous and carrying many azuregos for themselves. 60/40 may be said by it but it was ununited. Forte and r were the guilds and they were Zerg guilds.

In includes 3 top 50 ally guilds and a bunch more essentially destroy the energy balance further. Then lowercase makes you believe, and that come together and invisibly it looks like the best guilds are balanced and gang decides to begin pvping. Then it mad laggy, queues, bwl wiping and whatnot. But incendius was a gamer daddy server where the horde guilds were so far up their own ass people think the horde. Horde guilds were like their faction tbh.

We tried to work together with horde guilds to fasten world supervisors, but the truth is not one of them were prepared to contributing enough. We were the one we were the ones coordinating pvp. The truth is that guilds needed us to hold off the alliance while they got the kill that they did not even work for, so we got discouraged reason we were battling literally guilds on the NA servers' strongest alliance coalition. When who trasnfered over were presented with a fantastic guild to coordinate and work with us, and the outcomes of the were that horde were securing world supervisor kills more.

I don't see where everybody is receiving the noxious label from. Yang gang were the only ones who have alts parked in azshara summoning and watching. They place in the work and people were angry that yang would not share kills even though everybody else was showing up late after yang announced every spawn.From an original incendian alliance perspective (and I'm talking prior to any of those scum transfers) the greatest irony in the horde guilds labeling Yang Gang toxic is the simple fact that Yang Gang announcing the predominate in world discussion (in addition to the geographical vicinity to Orgrimmar) was not the only reason horde ever obtained an azuregos kill. Kazzak and the fact horde never obtained a single kill on everybody in the alliance coalition knew it and him is evidence that the other guilds were utter lazy garbage riding Yang Gangs coat tails.The issue with WoW threads is that it's hard to keep an open, unbiased mind. Full disclosure: I am playing with the WoW, been doing so for several years. Frankly, I don't have any issues with BfA. It is not WoD, although it is no Legion. We've got an example right here:"Blizzard laid off 800 employees". The article said,"800 workers across several sub-companies within A-B and branches between those businesses were laid off". Whether or not this is a"bad" thing depends on how you look at cheap classic gold wow, even though I doubt "they totally gutted WoW's support team.